Our Beginnings

We began our journey in 1954 when Mr. Gregory Tung Sr., founder of A. Tung Chingco Trading, Inc. partnered with Liberty Gold Fruit Co., Inc. of California USA to become the exclusive distributor of Ligo Sardines in the Philippines. This partnership flourished through the years and made Ligo a market leader in the country's canned fish industry.

A decade of growth

In the 1980s, Ligo continued to dominate the local canned fish industry. To satisfy the increased market demand, second-generation Gregory Tung Jr. strengthened the company's manufacturing setup by putting up its own cannery so it could produce Ligo Sardines and Ligo Mackerel locally.
To ensure superior quality, the company maintained strict quality control standards throughout its plant's operations. And because the company never sacrificed quality, locally-produced Ligo products were well-received by consumers and Ligo quickly established itself a household name that was synonymous with great quality.


For more than 60 years, Ligo's mission has been to provide Filipinos with nutritious, high quality canned food with outstanding value.
Our love for consumers and desire to achieve customer satisfaction have motivated us to make quality our number one priority. ​


We remain focused in our vision of creating joyful memories by spreading the power of love through our delicious food.

The Next Generation

Mikko Tung

VP for Operations

Mark Tung

VP for Sales and Marketing

Macky Tung

VP for Advertising and Promotions

The future of Ligo is in the able hands of third generation Tungs, who are working together to further strengthen the Ligo brand and reaffirm the company's commitment to putting quality first. Mikko Tung, who oversees production, is joined by his brothers Mark, in charge of sales and marketing; and Macky, who handles advertising and promotions. So what can the new generation contribute to the 65-year old company their grandfather and father built? A lot. While their father's legacy is the establishment of the company's manufacturing plant, the Tung brothers aim to elevate the Ligo brand further through innovation. So they're always studying and never stop to think of new ways to advance the Ligo brand. And advance it, they did. In 2018, the Tung family finally acquired the Ligo license from California-based Liberty Gold.
In the same year, the company introduced Sriracha Sardines, which became an instant hit among consumers. Also launched was Ligo's "Odong Nga Lami' campaign in Mindanao. The campaign featured brand ambassador Tom Rodriguez enjoying Odong noodles, a popular local dish with Ligo sardines. A sequel called "Odong Mas Lami" featuring Tom's girlfriend Carla Abellana was launched in mid-2019.
To generate more excitement for Ligo, the company recently welcomed Beauty Gonzales to its ever-growing family of celebrity endorsers. Beauty will be promoting Ligo's new variants: Sriracha, Calamansi, Fried Sardines in Oyster Sauce, and Portuguese Style. Another new product – Ligo Tuyo – will hit the market at the end of 2019.